Assured Assets – Collateralized Loans

AACL Universal is a web platform offering an innovative FinTech solution.
We help newcomers and other immigrants apply for financial services using their international credit history, collateralize the assets overseas, and support global transactional commonalities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide reliable and affordable cross-border banking services support for the need of individual clients to help newcomers thrive at the new place.

What else is AACL?


AACL pursues creative and innovative solutions to improve the lending process for immigrants.


We foster our professional excellence by doing business with competence, reliability, respect and integrity.


We are responsible for our services’ quality, results, professionalism, and costs by keeping our promises.

Our Platform

AACL UNIVERSAL provides services to its customers that allow those who have recently arrived in Canada to demonstrate their creditworthiness to lenders. The process of implementation will run on both sides of the border while applications are in process.